New Artist in Residency for Israeli Artists

Yamakiwa Art Hotel in Niigata in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel in Japan and Waitingroom Gallery in Tokyo invite you to apply for this new and exciting residency program. We invite Israeli artists to explore the possibility of creating in one of the most breath taking locations in Japan as well as presenting their work in a leading local gallery.
We wish to enable a new creation by Israeli artists in this beautiful village of Japan and introduce a new voice to interact with the local art scene in the heart of the dazzling city, Tokyo.
We look to host interesting, thought-provoking artists.

Program summary

In the frame work of this program we are looking to receive applications of:

  • Individual artist
  • or
  • Two artists who wish to take part in this project alongside each other
  • In this case - artists should propose a double show with a theme and a clear description of the process for the residency period as well as for the proposed exhibition.

a) Creation of a new work: participants will begin a new work or continue the work on an existing work while at Yamakiwa Art Hotel in Japan and present the finished work at the end of the stay at the Waitingroom Gallery.

b) Education/training: participants will present the progress of his/her work being created as part of the program

c) Taking part in "Gallery Talk" and other Gallery event.


Exhibition: Recalling Another Memory

Ji Seon Kim, Natsumi Sakamoto, Miyuki Yamashita
curated by Yuri Fukushima

キュレーション 福島ゆり

Opening: 2017.12.10 2pm- 5pm
Exhibition: 2017.12.10- 2018.1.28 Fri - Sun
(closed on 12.22- 1.5)



Generally we believe our memory is kept inside of our brain. But is the memory, aroused by external stimulation, entirely our own?
Is it not possible to think that there is a single, complexly intertwined memory, stored in a wider world, outside the limits of ourselves?

Where does our memory exist?
When was it embedded there?
To whom does it belong?

In this exhibition, we would like to present some attempts at answering these questions.
Three artists interacted with the nature and culture of the region of Yamakiwa gallery. The outcomes are based on their own methodology, and indicate how memory beyond ourselves, exists and performs.






This area has heavy snowfall during wintertime and the visitors need to put snow tires or snow chains on your car.
If you should have any inquiries about weather condition or car equipment, please feel free to contact us.
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info@yamakiwagallery.com 025-594-7667

冬季アクセスのご案内 Access in wintertime


info@yamakiwagallery.com 025-594-7667

This area has heavy snowfall during wintertime and the visitors need to put snow tires or snow chains on your car.
All the main roads are kept in a good condition and you can reach the gallery by car.
If you should have any inquiries about weather condition or car equipment, please feel free to contact us.

If the visitors of the art hotel need a pick-up service at the nearest station (Echigo-Shikawatari, Matsudai, Tokamachi), please contact Yamakiwa gallery.
info@yamakiwagallery.com 025-594-7667


Press release: 影と跡 Traces and Shadows



Yamakiwa Gallery is pleased to present Traces and Shadows by Maya Cohen Levy, an exhibition which consists of two parts, one taking place in the gallery and the other in HAGISO [HAGI ART] in Tokyo. The exhibition will feature various bodies of work, from site-specific installations, sculptures and peeled photographs, including new works completed during their residency in the gallery in Tokamachi, Japan. The artist re-creates the landscapes of Japan and Israel, connected through her inner vision which appears as a unsettled, ghostlike presence.

Yamakiwa Gallery & Art Hotel
Private view: 2017/5/20 2pm – 5pm
Exhibition: 2017/5/20 - 2017/6/25 Fri - Sun (closed on 5/2,3)
www.yamakiwagallery.com info@yamakiwagallery.com 025-594-7667

Private view: 2017/6/2  7pm – 9pm
Exhibition: 2017/6/2 - 2017/6/20 12nn – 9pm (closed on 5/5,15)
www.hagiso.jp 3-10-25 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Supported by Israeli Embassy in Japan

Maya Cohen Levy is a prominent Israeli artist that created her own unique path, and is consistently attracting interest within the Israeli Art Scene.
Her affinity with Japan began rather early, after graduating her Art studies in Israel, attracted by its philosophy and aesthetics, she came to study Sumi-e in Japan, and the leaf-like brush strokes which culminated into ‘peeled photographs’, a technique developed by Cohen Levy. She actually peels with a knife the thin emulsion surface of the photograph and reveals the white paper underneath. The leaf-like cuts play with the black and white, shades and light in the photograph and create a new rhythmic movement and a new order within a given landscape. It is a process of destruction and creation that take place simultaneously. It is a transverse process to painting. The white is being exposed so that the absence becomes present.

Artist’s biography
Maya Cohen Levy was born in Tel Aviv in 1955. Over the years she has taught at Kalisher School of Art, The Bezalel Acadamy for Art and Design in Jerusalem and at the Tel Aviv University.
She currently lives and works in Tel Aviv. In her present work, Cohen Levy, who is represented by Gordon Gallery, utilizes several mediums concurrently, comprising painting, photography and sculpture.
Her solo exhibitions include The Israel Museum (1994), The Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2000) and The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art (2005), as well as a multitude of solo exhibitions in galleries in Tel Aviv, London, New York, Munich and Berlin.
Her works are featured in many noteworthy collections, including The Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art and The Jewish Museum in New York, as well as various other public and private collections in Israel and worldwide.

 やまきわ美術館は今春、マヤ・コーヘン・レヴィの展覧会 影と跡 Traces and Shadows開催致します。本展は二つのパートからなっており、一つは当館にて、もう一つは東京のHAGISO [HAGI ART]で行われます。展示には、作家が当館において滞在制作した新作も含まれ、場の特異性を考慮して作られたインスタレーション立体作品、切削写真から構成されています。作品には作家の内なるイメージが、つかの間の魂のような存在として現れ、日本とイスラエルの風景を再構成し、結び合わせています。

Art Hotel やまきわ美術館
2017520日— 625日 金—日(2, 3日休業)
オープニングレセプション20175202pm – 5pm
www.yamakiwagallery.com 新潟県十日町市上鰕池350
info@yamakiwagallery.com 025-594-7667

201762日— 20日 12nn – 9pm5,15日休業)
オープニングレセプション20176月2日7pm – 9pm
www.hagiso.jp 東京都台東区谷中3-10-25






Exhibition: 影と跡 Traces and Shadows

Yamakiwa gallery is excited to announce ' Traces and Shadows' by Maya Cohen Levy.
This exhibition is co-hosted by HAGISO [HAGI ART] in Yanaka, Tokyo.

Yamakiwa Gallery
Private view: 2017/5/20 14:00 - 17:00
Exhibition: 2017/5/21 - 2017/6/25 Fri - Sun
(closed on 5/2,3)

Private view: 2017/6/2 19:00 - 21:00
Exhibition: 2017/6/2 - 2017/6/20 12:00 - 21:00
(closed on 5/5,15)
3-10-25 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Supported by Israeli Embassy in Japan


Yamakiwa gallery is an artist run space, set in a traditional Japanese farmer's house in the mountains in Niigata, Japan. The gallery runs an artist residency programme, to support the research, exhibition making and exchange between artists, visitors and the local community.

The Art Hotel which started in 2016 invites visitors to spend the night at the gallery and have a closer experience within the rural landscape of Tōkamachi.

contact: info@yamakiwagallery.com

やまきわ美術館では今春、マヤ・コーヘン・レヴィによる展覧会 ' Traces and Shadows'開催いたします。
は、東京・中のHAGISO [HAGI ART]と同時開催となります。

オープニングレセプション2017/5/20 14:00 - 17:00
展示期: 2016/5/21 - 2017/6/25 -
(5/2,3 )

オープニングレセプション2017/6/2 19:00 - 21:00
展示期: 2016/6/2 - 2017/6/20 12:00 - 21:00
(5/5, 15 )





わせinfo@yamakiwagallery.com 025-594-7667