Exhibition (EN): Dark Light

New work  by  Ebony Rose

Dates: 2018.12.9- 2019.1.27 10am- 17pm  Fri, Sat, Sun (Closed 12.14- 1.6)
Opening: 2018.12.8 2pm-4pm

The artist would like to acknowledge support from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Please contact Yamakiwa Art Hotel for the details.
E. info@yamakiwagallery.com T. 025-594-7667

When the tongues of flames are in-folded into the crowned knot of fire
And the fire and the rose are one.[1]” -T.SElliot

While an artist in residence at Yamakiwa Gallery (Mountain Edge Gallery) Ebony Rose has created a new installation and a series of drawings in response to the traditional Japanese farmhouse setting and her exchanges with the villagersThe installation continues through multiple spaces and common to Rose’s work there is an evocation and experiencing of time: the presentthe residue touch of the handand phenomenon changing.In this new body of work darkness is emphasized and death alluded toInspired by the Japanese Zen word shoji that translates to life-death where these two words are only separated and connected by a small hyphen[2]in this installation death and dark to life and light are not so much separate entities but parts of the whole.

Exhibition (JP): Dark Light


Dates: 2018.12.9- 2019.1.27 10am- 17pm  Fri, Sat, Sun (Closed 12.14- 1.6)
Opening: 2018.12.8 2pm-4pm


Please contact Yamakiwa Art Hotel for the details.

E. info@yamakiwagallery.com T. 025-594-7667

T. S. エリオット森山泰夫訳)


Exhibition (EN): What makes things fly

Artist: Peleg Dishon

Dates: 2018.12.1- 23 12- 19pm (closed Mon, Tue, holidays, except 23rd Dec)

Opening: 12.1 18- 20pm
Artist talk: 12.1 19pm-

Organised by Yamakiwa Art Hotel (Niigata), WAITINGROOM gallery (Tokyo)
Supported by Embassy of Israel in Japan

Workshop: 2018.11.23 14- 17pm at Yamakiwa Art Hotel
Peleg Dishon will make Japanese traditional Rokkaku kites with local residents.
Reservation required.
Free of charge.
Please contact Yamakiwa Art Hotel for the reservation and details.
E. info@yamakiwagallery.com T. 025-594-7667

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Peleg Dishon has been invited to carry out a residency program “Japan-Israel AIR Project Yamakiwa/WAITINGROOM”, organised by Yamakiwa Art Hotel (Niigata), WAITINGROOM (Tokyo), and Embassy of Israel. Dishon was selected from the 99 applications in the open call and stayed at Tokamachi in NIigata, for a month. The exhibition at WAITINGROOM (Tokyo) will consist of the works he creates during the residency, inspired by the environment and the life of local residents.

Dishon, influenced by the culture of traditional Jewish paper cutouts, uses paper as core material in his artwork over the years. As an approach to both Israel and Japan, he refers the book, Jerusalem Rebuilt: A Daydream, written in 1918 by Boris Schatz, the founder of Bezalel (the first academy for fine art in Israel), and proposes to create a kite by paper cutouts. In the book, Schatz describes Jerusalem one hundred years later in 2018 - our present time. Jerusalem Rebuiltis a futuristic, Zionist utopia – a socialist, peace loving society that uses fine art to build the nation. Schatz proposes Japan, which he perceived as a nation basing its foreign trade on exporting fine art, as a model for his Utopian society. In his vision, the Zionist state will base its economic system on exporting fine art made by artists from Bezalel.

However, now in the midst of 2018, Jerusalem is at the center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with the transfer of the US Embassy to the city and the 70th anniversary celebrations for the establishment of the State of Israel. As part of the violent clashes, kites, a symbol of freedom and hope, became weapon as burning kites from Gaza sparked fire in Israel. This happened while Dishon was writing the proposal for this program.

Exhibition (JP): What makes things fly



日程:2018.12.1- 23 12- 19pm (月火祝休み、ただし23日はオープン)

オープニング・レセプション:12.1 18- 20pm
アーティスト・トーク:12.1 19pm-

ワークショップ:2018.11.23 14- 17pm (やまきわ美術館にて

今冬、Art Hotel やまきわ美術館、WAITINGROOM gallery、イスラエル大使館は共同企画「日本イスラエルAIR プロジェクトYamakiwa / WAITINGROOM」を開催します。本企画では、99名の応募者の中から選ばれたペレグ・ディション(Peleg Dishon、イスラエル出身)が、1ヶ月間新潟・十日町市に滞在し、現地の環境や人々とのコミュニケーションの中で制作した作品を、東京のギャラリーWAITINGROOMにて発表します。

ディションは伝統的なユダヤの切り絵文化に影響を受け、長年「紙」を重要な素材として使用してきました。今回イスラエルと日本の両国にアプローチするテーマとして、イスラエル初の美術学校・ベツァレル美術デザイン学院を設立した、ボリス・シャッツによる書籍『Jerusalem rebuilt: A Daydream1918)』を起点に、切り絵で凧を制作するという案を考えました。この本には100年後のエルサレム(つまり執筆されてから100年後にあたる2018年)の様子が、平和主義の近未来的ユートピアの世界観に基づいて表されています。シャッツはユートピアのモデルとして日本の工芸美術を挙げており、彼が提唱する再建されたエルサレムに、ベツァレル出身の作家による美術を基礎とした経済システムを作りたいと考えていました。



Press release: By Indirections Find Directions Out (Japanese)



日程:2018/08/1- 9/2 10am- 17pm 火—日

オープニング・レセプション:7/29 14- 16pm

第一回 2018.7.31 9:30- 11:00am Choir Fade「消えゆく合唱」
第二回 2018/8/3 9:30- 11:00am Writing for a silent music「沈黙の音楽のための筆記」

E. info@yamakiwagallery.comT. 025-594-7667




本プロジェクトは、キュレーターであるパウラ・ザンブラーノ (メキシコ・英国)による、やまきわ美術館におけるレジデンス、そして彼女による海外作家の作品選別と展示構成からなっています作家:パトリシア・ドミンゲス (チリ) 、ラブ・エンクェスト (スウェーデン) 、ガイア・フガッサ (イタリア) 、ドミニク・ハウグッド (英国) 、マリアナ・マグダレーノ (メキシコ) 、カルロス・サントス (メキシコ) 、ジュリア・ヴァレラ (スペイン)。同時にメアリー・ハレル (南アフリカ・英国) も滞在制作を行い、動作を組み合わせたサイトスペシフィックな作品を発表しました。彼女はパフォーマンス・彫刻的な衣服・音響を用い、時間と空間の模索を行っています。

Press release: By Indirections Find Directions Out (English)

Patricia Dominguez, Love Enqvist, Gaia Fugazza, Dominic Hawgood, Mary Hurrell, Mariana Magdaleno, Carlos Santos, Julia Varela

Paula Lopez Zambrano

Dates: 2018.8.1- 9.2 10am- 17pm Tues-Sun

Opening: 7.29 2-4pm
Performance by Mary Hurrell.

Workshop by Mary Hurrell
Creation of artworks with performance and sounds.
Reservation required.
Free of charge.
2018.7.31 9:30- 11:00am Choir Fade 「消えゆく合唱」
2018.8.3 9:30- 11:00am Writing for a silent music 「沈黙の音楽のための筆記」

Please contact Yamakiwa Art Hotel for the details.
E. info@yamakiwagallery.com T. 025-594-7667

Supported by Mexican Embassy of Japan, Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.


Curator Paula Zambrano (Mexico/U.K.) has been invited to carry out a curatorial residency in Yamakiwa Gallery. She presents an exhibition including artworks by Patricia Dominguez (Chile), Love Enqvist (Sweden), Gaia Fugazza (Italy), Dominic Hawgood (U.K.), Mariana Magdaleno (Mexico), Carlos Santos (Mexico), Julia Varela (Spain). In parallel, Mary Hurrell (South Africa/ U.K.) has been invited to carry out an artist residency. She presents a site specific artwork by combining movement, and exploring time and space through performance, sculptural garments and sounds.


Press Release: Japan - Israel AIR project 2018

Yamakiwa Art Hotel (Niigata), WAITINGROOM (Tokyo), and Embassy of Israel would like to announce the new artist in residency program, “Japan - Israel AIR Project Yamakiwa / WAITINGROOM”.
This is the first press release to present the details of the program and introduction of the selected artist. We introduce an artist, Peleg Dishon, selected as the residency artist for the program from 99 applicants, with the comments from the directors of Yamakiwa Art Hotel, WAITINGROOM and Embassy of Israel.

このたび、Art Hotel やまきわ美術館(新潟)とWAITINGROOM(東京)の主催、イスラエル大使館の共催で、日本 - イスラエル AIR プロジェクト「Yamakiwa / WAITINGROOM」が開催される運びとなりました。
このプレスリリースは、レジデンスアーティストの決定に伴い、プログラムの詳細を説明する同企画の第一弾のリリースです。Art Hotelやまきわ美術館・WAITINGROOM・イスラエル大使館それぞれのコメントとともに、99名の応募者の中から選ばれたレジデンスアーティスト・ペレグ=ディション(Peleg Dishon)の紹介をいたします。