Exhibition: By Indirections Find Directions Out

Artists:  Patricia Dominguez, Love Enqvist, Gaia Fugazza, Dominic Hawgood, Mary Hurrell, Mariana Madgaleno, Carlos Santos, Julia Varela

Curator:  Paula Lopez Zambrano

Dates: 2018.8.1- 9.2 10am- 17pm Tues-Sun
Opening: 7.29 2-4pm
Performance by Mary Hurrell.

Supported by Mexican Embassy of Japan, Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.

Workshop by Mary Hurrell
Creation of artworks with performance and sounds.
Reservation required.
Free of charge.
2018.7.31 9:30- 11:00am Choir Fade 「消えゆく合唱」
2018.8.3 9:30- 11:00am
 Writing for a silent music 「沈黙の音楽のための筆記」

Please contact Yamakiwa Art Hotel for the details.
E. info@yamakiwagallery.com T. 025-594-7667


Curator Paula Zambrano (Mexico/U.K.) has been invited to carry out a curatorial residency in Yamakiwa Gallery. She presents an exhibition including artworks by Patricia Dominguez, Love Enqvist, Gaia Fugazza, Dominic Hawgood, Mariana Madgaleno, Carlos Santos, Julia Varela. In parallel, Mary Hurrell (South Africa/ U.K.) has been invited to carry out an artist residency. She will present a site specific artwork by combining movement, and exploring time and space through performance, sculptural garments and sounds.

The theoretical framework combines two notions of time: the first one, which is defined by the conditions of Yamakiwa Art-Hotel, understood as a temporal and nomadic establishment, or a place where people come and go in journeys on a short-term basis. And the second notion of time, which is outlined by the Echigo-Tsumari region, defined by its permanent and sedentary condition, distinct by its nature, history and culture: a long-term temporary dependency.

By Indirections Find Directions Out seek to point out temporal and geographical juxtapositions; experiences of anachronism, moments of synchronicity, represented and manifested in contemporary art. It alludes to the changes and alterations of the messages that art contains, stores and transmit to us: how they travel and transform through time. The idea is to investigate the multidirectional experience of time and space, and the transferals of energy that take place in the production and encounter with art.



By Indirections Find Directions Outは、時間的・地理的な並置状況を見出し、現代アートの中に現れるアナクロニズムの経験とシンクロニシティの瞬間を探求することを目的としています。これは、アートが内部に持ち、保存し、私たちに送り出すメッセージの変質や改変、すなわち、このメッセージが時間の中をどのように通過し、変化していくかということに結びついてます。時間と空間の多方向な経験、そしてアートの制作や出会いにおけるエネルギーの発散について模索したいと考えています。

Paula Lopez Zambrano (Mexico/U.K.)
Curator, writer and researcher. Based around interpretations of and experimentations with the notion of contingency, her research takes the form of exhibitions, screenings, public programmes, residencies and texts. Starting from an educational training in History of Art in Mexico City and Curatorial Studies in London, she has collaborated with museums, galleries and non-for profit spaces across Mexico and Europe. She is currently writing her doctoral thesis at the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Mary Hurrell (South Africa/U.K.)
Hurrell works across performance, sound and sculpture to explore movement and the body as a language; she explores an expanded notion of the body, creating immersive and shifting choreographies of perceptual and sensory space.
Recent performances and exhibitions include: 3 (OXIORCAD), Flat Time House, London (2018), 2 (AERIAL), Kunstraum, London (2018); 1 (Pitch), organised by Fluent held at Centro Botin, Santander, Spain (2018); StereoSkin, Herdubreid Biosal, Seydisfjordur, Iceland (2017)

Top image: © Gaia Fugazza (detail of Trinity Panther)
Middle image: Workshop at Hijos de la Luna, Oaxaca, Mexico
Last image: Courtesy: the artist, Centro Botín, Santander and fluent; photographer: Belén de Benito; performed by the artist and Kitty Fedorec

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